Angelina Bologna

Angelina is a caring, dedicated massage therapist. She is lovely and really works hard at listening to her clients. Her massages reflect her personal interest in each person.

- Martha Doty Yorke

Get to Know Us

The mission of Hands of an Angel Healing is to make massage a regular part of your wellness routine. I work with my clients to reduce tension, stress, and pain. In this frenetic world we live in, it is necessary to make sure we are listening to our bodies and giving ourselves the care we need. As a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, it is my honor to be a part of your journey towards balance and well being.

Hands of an Angel Massage is located inside Latimer Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Harwich, MA. The massage room is calming and peaceful, with access to a variety of different massage techniques. 

What We Do

Healing. Light. Love.

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